About the Artist

JAKJenn Adele K is an eclectic gal and internationally-sold author with an extensive background in naturalist studies, various artistic endeavors, do-it-yourself crafts, creative writing, linguistic training, assorted homesteading activities, and a sundry of educational programs. She enjoys a good cup of tea or coffee, woodland hiking, urban exploring, and all things spooky. Jenn currently lives with her husband in Stone Mountain, Georgia and is a mom to 1 dog and 2 cats.

For Jenn’s spooky and super short flash fiction (stories less than 1000 words!), visit:

All Things That Go Bump

"We are not all the things that happen to us; we are the strength that survives."

* NOTE: The artist signs all of her original artworks simply as "JAK". Signatures are found on the backs of the pieces, so as to not disturb the predominant scene and energetic flow of each impression. All paintings are acrylic on canvas. *

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